What is CBT and how can it help?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a type of therapy that has been shown to be helpful with all kinds of problems including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, OCD, panic attacks, and phobias to name but a few.

CBT can help you solve problems by helping you understand the connections between how you think about events, how you feel, and how this influences the way you respond in particular situations, and how this may be important in causing and maintaining problems.  Each part is connected and influences every other part.

When you become distressed you may see things differently to how you usually think and feel.  This can mean thinking and behaving in negative and extreme ways that are unhelpful and can keep you trapped in a distressing cycle.

How can CBT help me?

CBT can help you break out of unhelpful cycles by teaching you ways of responding differently / more helpfully to difficult situations.

When you meet with one of our therapists to work on a problem using CBT, they will help you recognise and deal with any unhelpful patterns of thinking or behaving that are connected to your problems and will help you make changes in order to feel better and improve your life.

Your therapist will teach you specialised techniques and tailor the help they give you to match your specific needs.

You will learn to new skills which you can use during, and after the therapy is finished to help you overcome problems now and in the future.  

As you learn how to make changes you will start to see improvements in your mood, in your thoughts, and you will learn how to respond in more helpful ways to situations.

How is CBT different from other types of therapy?

CBT is different from other therapies because it emphasises the importance of what is happening in a person's life in the present and usually addresses problems in the here and now.  You may talk about the past with your therapist, to help make sense of things that happened previously that are continuing to affecting you in the present.

When you are undertaking CBT your therapist will help you to find ways of working on your problems not only in the sessions but will support you on things you can do to work on your problems between your appointments.

CBT is usually undertaken as a brief therapy and your therapist's aim will be to help you to make changes in your life as quickly as you feel comfortable.  As you work with your therapist they will help you grow in confidence in your ability to tackle situations independently using your CBT skills.

Want to know more?

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